In the spiritual realm, our senses deceive us. The invisible is what is most real and durable. All we see will perish.

Paul says we walk by faith, not by sight, 2 Cor 5.7. The way of God is not perceived or pursued by physical means. Neither can it be predicted or produced by material objects.

Spiritual goals are accomplished by spiritual people using spiritual words. Carnal people make use of carnal means, and sometimes they call their efforts holy. But both will produce according to their kind.

The soul is not fed with physical bread, but spiritual. Nor is it made more receptive when the physical precedes the spiritual. The former almost always obscures the latter. Jesus condemned people for seeking him in order to benefit physically, for bread. From his temptation onward, he refused the way of the material and political.

So must we. If we would walk his path, sight becomes a stumbling block. For the Way is by faith, from first to last.

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