lazarus come forthThey say that shouting solves nothing, that it only worsens things. So they say. And they’d not be far from the truth. But we have the Shout of Ipiranga, of Brazilian Independence, to go against this piece of popular wisdom. And the Shout of Bethany.

When he had said this, he shouted in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” 44  The one who had died came out, …
John 11.43-44a, NET

The act was the Word. The word in itself made Lazarus come back to life. Divine power contained in a pronouncement, in an order, in a shout!

Rhetorically, shouting gives emphasis, raises the term above the common conversation, highlights the proclamation among other sayings.

Jesus didn’t need to shout. He could have whispered, with the same effect. But the solemnity of the moment deserved an emphasis on the re-creation of life.

Which reminds us of the promise of the Shout of the Last Day, when all will be raised from the dead (1 Thes 4.16).


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