Have been going up to the office more this week, and today I stayed from 9 to 6. No Internet there, so you don’t hear much out of me when I’m there. I’ve experimented with the 1000 words per day goal. Have made it the last three days, today just over 1K. But there would be days I’d miss. Sundays will be hard. But it’s possible.

• Went out for a movie last night with The Missus and The Maiden. One mall had a kilometer-long line, so we went to another. We usually rent movies, but once in a blue moon we hit the theater.

• We’ve still not gotten the solution for the website subscriptions. Hang in there.

• No big plans for New Year’s Eve. Besides sleeping. I’ll probably have to take a nap tomorrow afternoon, since the fireworks will wake me in the middle of the night. Am I a fuddyduddy or what?

• The writing for The Right Kind of Christianity is done. Now for revision and edits, some of which I’ve done already this week. Still the front and back covers to do. It might even be ready in time for the FHU lectureship, reckon? When is that?

• Today concludes the daily Bible reading schedule for 2011. The New Testament in a year, one chapter per weekday. Anybody interested in 2012? I’ve done it in Portuguese, but not English. Should I bother?

2 thoughts on “Should I bother?

  1. Fuddyduddy is the new cool. 🙂 Best wishes on the new goal – you’ll do well. We’re both absentees on the web, coincidentally. That’s the new cool, too. I’m preaching (loosely termed) “through” the Bible twice this year, in the form of a congregational reading challenge. 9 chapters/5 days/wk. (Saturday is make-up day). I’ll be following the reading with my preaching (I’m a few days ahead to get me rolling). See you next year!

    • So finally I’m a cool cat. Who’d a thunk it! Today, besides getting 5 weeks of Bible school ready, well, four really, I’m on the translation of the 5th entry for our Bible word dictionary in Portuguese. Translating … well, I’ll save it for a post tomorrow. Good guys, though.

      Got that reading schedule online? I’ll link to it. Sounds good. I did the preaching through the Bible once way back when, following a Bible reading schedule. The ladies made “bets” to see what passage I’d preach from on Sunday nights. Generated interest, which was good.

      Happy new year!

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