A few of my thoughts under rain and breeze. Picture above, taken in my front yard, yesterday.

* The world is in a flower: the burst of life, the beauty of symmetry, the joy of color, the fading into death, the seed of new beginnings.

* I feel like I’m approaching an insight, but instead of landing, I’m in a circular holding pattern.

* He threw words on paper like mama threw bacon in the pan, but the result wasn’t nearly so delicious.

*Started raining again a few minutes ago, a straight-down steady rain, no-nonsense, the way rain was meant to be, satiating the earth, a call to growth, a boost for life.

*  Those who believe in modern-day prophecy are always on edge, not knowing what truth will surface. Those for whom the canon is closed sleep soundly, knowing God isn’t going to throw them any loops.

* Some people measure their spiritual pulse so much, they never get around to exercising their faith.

What do you think?