shoot footTwo cliches: It’s worse to shoot yourself in the foot than let someone beat up on you. In the first case, the person himself does the harm. Whoever hurts himself must be sick, we think.

Just so, that’s what we do when we reject the will of God for our lives, when we create idols (which are nothing more than sculpted images of our own desires, whether metal or mental), when we give ourselves up to the immediate rather than waiting on the promise of God.

So now the LORD, the God who rules over all, the God of Israel, asks, ‘Why will you do such great harm to yourselves? Why should every man, woman, child, and baby of yours be destroyed from the midst of Judah? Why should you leave yourselves without a remnant?
Jeremiah 44:7 NET

Looking at sin this way, most of us are sick in the head.

But while we breathe, hope remains. We can abandon sin and seek God to serve and obey him.

Because whoever shoots himself in the foot winds up hitting more than the foot.


What do you think?