Saturday shibboleths: I got cold this morning

There I was sitting at my home office desk, beside the open door to the back yard, at 6 am without a shirt. It got a bit chilly, so I put on a t-shirt. Brrr, doesn’t that make you Americans feel warm?

Today’s big news: the Forthright Press Christian Forum has officially been launched as of today. I tested it here, loved it. Actually, it’s still on the Talk page. It can be embedded in multiple sites. As far as I know, we’re the first in the brotherhood to use this particular service for the kingdom. FWIW.

You know what shibboleth means, right? And why many people who know little Hebrew know this word? The word caused 42,000 deaths in a single day. Read Judges 12.1-7. (I mention it here because of its use in the title. See image name, above, for meaning.)

Did you know you can get Quick Bible Truths in your inbox? Sign up in the left column on the website. Put these in your church bulletins, on your bulletin boards, in your emails. Be creative, find new uses for them.

The NLT Bible site ( goofed up their offering. Before, they had only the Bible text on the site. Now they have links to other content. I used it a good bit, but now I’ll find another service. Times are when I want the Bible and nothing else. (I have a modest list of Bible-only search sites here.)

A new Cloudburst offering last night, sent exclusively to the email list [no longer used] this morning. “A Man Could Quickly Lose His Faith.” You missed it? Hmmm, ask nicely and I’ll send it to your email address.

The Missus teaches the monthly ladies’ meet in Taubat√© this afternoon. The ladies rotate teaching. Looks like the men won’t meet today, so I’ll send her off in the car and stay here working. If I catch a quick nap, do I have to confess that?

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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