Setting up PC

I got my new computer from Eliel yesterday, right before swim class. And speaking of swimming, bad news there.

So today I’m setting up my computer. Took me a while to remember the old password to my Internet service account. Now I’m downloading some of the programs I use so much, like Filezilla, as well as a number of complements to Firefox.

Eliel had already installed Firefox and Open Office since he knew I used them constantly. He had Adobe Reader on here, but’s it’s an older version, #5, so I’m now dowloading v. 8.

I had a sychronizer service for my favorites and personal toolbar favs, so even though I lost it all on my previous computer, all I had to do was log in to the service and it updated my Firefox and brought it all back. Very, very cool.

Ah, swimming, yes. Teacher Francisco is moving to Minas. Next Friday will be his last day. He’s been my teacher since I started Sept. 2006. Now I’ll have to break in a new one. 🙁

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