Sermon on the Plain, Bible versions, praise

In a four-part series of sermons on Luke 6, one preacher provides, in his last lesson, this structure — chiastic, of course — to the Sermon on the Plain, and it seems to hold together well. Fantastic!


Would be interesting to know if this is original with him, or if he picked it up somewhere. I wasn’t able to make a comment on his site to ask. See also his PDF handout at the link above. You can also click back through his series. Recommended.

Structures like these are like maps. They help us get around, know where we are, what’s coming up next, where the main points are. Invaluable.

Luke 6, by the way, was the reading plan for Thursday; today we’re on Luke 7 as we follow the schedule of reading the New Testament, a chapter per weekday, through the year. Join us?

• A new Bible version is out: the Eastern/ Greek Orthodox Bible, which used the World English Bible as a base text for revision and tweaking. The latter is based on Majority Text, the former on their official Patriarchal Text, very similar to the MT. It does comparisons with the eclectic or critical text (UBS/NA), which most of our major versions are based on (NASB, ESV, NIV, NLT, NRSV, etc.). The EOB can be downloaded in PDF format. The Old Testament is being translated from a Septuagint text, so that’s not as interesting for most of us.

• Brazilian Evangelicals put music front and center in their meetings, and their name for it gives it greater importance: praise (louvor). Many of our brothers have picked up the bad habit. So I preached earlier this month doing a study on the word praise. Title: “Not All Praise Is Singing; Not All Singing Is Praise.” Praise is but one aspect of singing, and singing is but one part of praise. We who want to call Bible things by Bible names would do well to avoid this error and not give undue emphasis to music in the church. Singing is important, principally, according to the New Testament, as another means of instruction.

Oh, if you want the lesson, it’s online, but I don’t see much reason to translate it, since it addresses a unique Brazilian situation. Use that horrid Google thing, if you want.

• Internet gurus say Friday night is a lousy time to post. Everybody’s out celebrating the weekend, supposedly. Maybe one or two will find my little post tonight. Tell me you read it, mom …

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