The September report is now available, and I’m including here the PDF format, some of it dealing with my presence in the U.S. now for fund-raising. But for a teaser this item of interest from the report:

HELP FROM BRAZIL. My last Sunday in Brazil, after a men’s meeting, I was asked to leave and then called back to the meeting. They informed me that the SJCampos church would provide about $1600 to help my travel expenses in the U.S. When I mentioned that they didn’t need to do that, one of them held up his hand and said, “We called you in here to make an announcement, not have a discussion.” The Taubaté church also gave me about $600 as well.

One thing I didn’t include in the report … was the purchase of a Mac laptop. In my first meeting with a missions committee I had to ask if someone had and would bring a laptop so I could show my presentation. Since I didn’t want to risk having to depend always on someone with a laptop, and I was looking at a netbook, I made the bigger jump and followed the recommendation of sons and friends to get the Mac. So far I am pleased.

One thought on “Sept. report: Help from Brazil

  1. I’ve been on Macs for 20 years. Apple used to be well represented in Brazil, so you shouldn’t have service issues.

    Now to the important part: loved the story. God has blessed you with wonderful partners in Brazil.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

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