A sentimental pocket New Testament of mine

Today, I offered to my children a pocket-sized, leather-bound New Testament of mine, printed in 1975 by Star Bible. I probably bought it shortly after arriving at FHU that same year. It has my name embossed in gold on the front cover.

In the front fly page was written, at the end of the World Mission Workshop at FHU, for which I was student leader that year (since I was president of Evangelistic Forum), after an appeal by Elvis Huffard to commit oneself to missions:

Lord, help me to serve You in Brazil.
Oct 28, 1978
Lord, help me to go in 1979.

I had gone to Brazil the summer of 1978, and wound up staying the summer, after the six-week campaign in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo. There had formed the desire to return for full-time work.

And I did return in 1979 as well, for six weeks, before our wedding in August. On the way back, I stopped over in Florida and saw my bride-to-be, and knocked doors with her in West Palm Beach Lakes, until the Northeast/Southeast campaign director took everybody off the streets after a heat-stroke warning by the weather people.

I also ran across a small agenda/diary for 1977 today. But I’m not sure I’ll give that to the kids, what with the names of a lot of girls in it. In it is recorded my summer trip to Scotland (where I spent much of my time in Dunoon following up Bible correspondence courses, and advertising the new bus program), and my 20th birthday, a few days after Elvis’s death, and seeing, the day after, the new “Star Wars” movie.

It was only yesterday …

J. Randal Matheny

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  1. And in May of 1977, just before Elvis died and Star Wars came out, a little brat was born in Akron. Did you sense a disturbance in the Force then?

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