Below are comments made Saturday evening by seminar participants, when I asked for feedback. My translation. Originals with me, if you want to check them.

  • I liked the classes, the topics were well developed with great spiritual value.
  • A study for renewal, really a blessing.
  • The illustrations were a good thing; another, the weblinks at the end of the handout.
  • We need more time, because the whole day was tiring.
  • I loved it and I grew.
  • All the topics were excellent and each one has its effectiveness. I observed points I have never before noted. You helped and encouraged me even more in my Christian walk.
  • I really liked the part of personal application.
  • I waited with great thirst for this study, for I see myself as a Christian with a lot of faults. I thank God for the opportunity that he gave me through you.
  • The study was great, very edifying and important, because it helped me to see things with the eyes that at times we don’t see the word of God.
  • I loved every module; I regret not being able to catch all of them.
  • All the modules that I learned edified me a lot, helped my spiritual growth and awakened my interest to read some books of the Bible that until now I’ve never stopped to consider, besides increasing my knowledge of certain subjects.
  • It was a bit tiring physically, but worth it.

What do you think?