• A preacher appealed on Facebook to help a church buy a building on the main street of the town. Good cause, no doubt. His argument, however, was dubious: He said that once the church had a building it would be viable. This was a preacher talking. Shame on him! He ought to know better than that. Or we’re not reading the same New Testament.

• This preacher betrayed what many really think about church buildings. It’s a fact. Most Americans think the church is not viable without a building. This mindset is one of the great evils of our time, for it’s nothing but materialism in religious garb. Moving on …

• Our sister in Christ, Socorro, lost her baby Wednesday, in her second month of pregnancy. She avoided air travel a couple of weeks ago when her father died, from advice that airlines discourage pregnant women from flying in their first months of pregnancy. So she missed her dad’s funeral. She seems to be taking it well, but pray she and her husband may accept this in good spirit.

• It’s in the low 70s out today, very nice in the sunshine. We rolled the windows down on the car coming home a while ago and enjoyed the wind in our hair. Some of us, even at our age, can still do that, ya know?

• Read this verse coupled with the devotional thought published here earlier today, from the same chapter: “Then Jesus, because he knew they were going to come and seize him by force to make him king, withdrew again up the mountainside alone” (John 6:15 NET). Jesus didn’t have to stop and consider the pros and cons, because he knew what kind of ministry he had. No one could force his hand, so when they would try, he withdraws. Times are when we might need to do the same, for the sake of kingdom of God.

4 thoughts on “Seen under the sun

  1. Actually, I have heard that flopping in the breeze, hair that is, actually stimulates hair growth….

    Possibly a continuation on your devotional thought — So then, we too should withdraw when we see a conflict between an event and its inconsistency with the ministry we have in Christ, for such demonstrates our maturity and deeper understanding of His Word and His Will for our life. Maybe?

    • I like Steve’s position better, on the hair. 🙂

      May well be, Steve, especially in situations where there’s no possibility of bringing things around, as Jesus could tell he wasn’t going to be able to reason with the multitude about the nature of the kingdom.

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