Brazilian Halloween
Brazilian trick-or-treaters

Ten years ago, Brazilians started getting into the US-style Halloween. Now the kids are gung-ho, if not the parents. Above, two of the few trick-or-treaters that we had this year. It was so hot, they came with their capes in hand. The Missus made them put the costumes on before she’d give them candy.

Tropical orchids
Our orchids, close up.

• I’ve shown them before, but these orchids are always beautiful. This is on our carport, they’ve bloomed four or five times, and stay around for weeks. Click to see a larger size.

• Today is the All-Souls Holiday, called Finados in Brazil, and The Missus is off with some other ladies to the annual retreat. I’m batching it at home, and doing very fine, thank you. It is a wee bit quiet, however. We got a break from the oppressive heat, with overcast skies, but no rain as yet.

• If you don’t want to hear about my lunch, skip to next bullet. Since The Missus is gone with the car, I walked down to the Empório Santa Gula for lunch, which just happened to be open on the holiday. They charged the higher weekend prices, too. But my plate still came to R$10,35 or about US$5.

My favorite today was the salmon with an exquisite sauce with a passion fruit base. Then I saw the chicken fricassee, with corn, and couldn’t resist that either. Top that off with some veggies and beans and rice, not mention some creamed mandioquinha, and you got yourself a meal.

More orchids
The whole bunch of orchids

• More intriguing stories today on The Memphis TV story I helped Barbara with, the other is mine. Don’t know how long we can keep up the good pace we’ve got there. Need help.

• I’ve plugged it three or more times today, but the Believing Prayer site just can’t seem to get traction. Ideas? Today’s prayer, a poem on the religious holiday.

• A bored little kid hanging out with a bunch of girls taking camera shots of each other pulled green mangoes from the tree up from the house and started pitching them without aim. Several hit the side of the house. I thought it was a gate banging in the wind. Except there was no wind. And then I saw a mango rolling in the back yard.

After identifying the culprit, I walked up the street where he was, in the middle of the girls, looked him in the eye, and said quietly, “I want you to quit throwing the mangoes, some are hitting my house, all right?” I think I scared him out of a year’s growth, though I didn’t mean to. I later saw one of the girls with her arm around him, talking to him.

• Here’s a site full of hymns sung by a congregation. h/t Laura Tinnel. You’ll be edified.

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