I can’t seem to keep a blog theme for more than a few days. Last time it was, apparently, a site update that threw all blogs into default mode. We’ll try this Erudite theme for a while; it looks, offhand, like a dandy, but one never knows the limitations of a theme until far into the night.

Speaking of far into the night, read on.

I wrote on TFR today a bit about getting home. Then I read one guy’s comment who said he flew all the way from whatever city he was in and his arms were tired. Must be an old joke, but I sure got it. From all the traveling, a muscle in my back got a bad kink. But you don’t want to know about kinky. A friend accuses me of getting old.

This theme automatically formats the text with first-paragraph drops and indentations, as well as justified text. Strange.

Now for some real content:

I’d mentioned on the “Travel Tidbits” post that I’d tell more about when Vicki and I woke in the wee hours of Sept. 11 to the smell of something burning.

I didn’t think about the date, at the time. But in a hotel in Georgia we woke to the acrid smell, saw no smoke, felt no heat through the walls or door, but called the front desk just to be safe.

The clerk came up to check the halls and offered to move us to another apartment. Since it was by then 4 a.m., we decided against it, but I laid there a bit anxious about the unknown source of the problem returning to harm us.

About 4:30 a.m., it returned and the air conditioner appeared to be the source. So we switched rooms then, going across the hall. We slept in late,  made it at the last minute for the hotel’s breakfast, and threw our appointments a couple of hours later as well. No harm done.

The clerk indicated we might get a free night, but if it was like an airplane incident years earlier, we’ll probably not get any freebie out of it nor hear back from them.

What do you think?