Saturday night sloth, er, sleuth

• The free list service I use is being updated today. I’ve sent a Cloudburst poem to the list, but it hasn’t come back for confirmation. So I guess that’s a sign that the update is still going on.

• Vicki is packing for our trip tomorrow. I’ll wait until then, I think. Just a seven-day trip.

• With spring time come the bugs, and we’re getting overrun by them. Our little window screens aren’t keeping them out.

• Aquarium has been repopulated with fish, though many of them are very small fry.

• In recent days we’ve received Gospel Advocate magazine, Voice of Truth International magazine, and Bulletin Digest magazine.

• Take a wild guess which Bible passage serves as inspiration for today’s Cloudburst poem …

• I’ve probably thrown out 50 lbs of papers and books this past week. Now for the rest of the 50 tons.

• Quote I liked: “[T]he Sabbath was a day of rest, and Sunday was a day of assembly.” -Everett Ferguson, Encyclopedia of Early Christianity, under “Sunday.”

• Today’s ISO ordinal date: 2010-324. Meaning, we’re in the 324th day of 2010. Where did the year go? Let’s see, I spent 3 months of it in the US.

• Last, as per assembly custom, a prayer, one I wrote years ago, and found today in a notebook: “Awaken me from my stupor, Lord, rekindle my discipline, repair my brokenness, steady my feet again for the remainder of the journey.” Amen.

J. Randal Matheny

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