My entertainment tonight is from, a free music site. Went with the classical track. Don’t bother me with words this evening.

Received from the printer this morning most of the 5000 copies of our latest book in Portuguese. Still another 500 to come. They’re in packages of 50 and make quite a pile in the office. I still need to pay the remainder of the bill. The printer and I go way back, so he’s cool about that.

If I’d had a fanci-phone, I would have taken a picture of the books.

Food options, in the absence of The Missus, are already becoming slender. She’s been gone all of two and a half days. Lunch was a small piece of chicken, with sides of tabule, green peas, a cauliflower salad, and a celery and raisin salad. I got away for about US$3.

Don’t ask what I had for supper tonight. OK, so I’ll tell: a meal bar, and five esfirras.

I was going to lunch at the new vegan restaurant just around the corner, but a plate there is R$20. About US$9. No thanks.

I told my neighbors down the street, who are also my neighbors at The Snuggery, that my agenda was open to accept meal invitations. They laughed. As did all the others. Oh, well.

Yesterday, my desk got totally cleaned off, except for the bigĀ Houaiss Portuguese dictionary. Sitting at the desk now evokes a pleasant feeling. Except for the badly broken office chair. Too cheap to go buy a new one.

I threw more papers away today. Getting good at this downsizing, minimalist effort. Even have committed to giving away a historic volume: my first Portuguese dictionary. I’ll get to where I want to be in a couple of centuries.

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