Sat. morning, smell of tea and muffins, sound of Hawaiian music

The morning is well along, and I’m still at home working from my 5.30 am awakening. We might get some rain today, and temps ought to be lower than yesterday, but still warm.

Good moment for tea and muffins, to the sound of some Hawaiian music, out on the back porch.

Posts that came online since I laid my head down last night are the daughter’s OK-corralling and my BNC editorial on embracing the risk of mission.

Still to do: the daily email, in Portuguese, to a few saints as we read through Proverbs this month. Usually, I have some summaries, links, and notes of mine on individual verses. I’m putting those here and including a link in the email. The Bible text is an easy-to-read version, since we have some beginners and non-Christians in the list.

Two good articles this morning by friends on Forthright Magazine. A new theme for The Fellowship Room, replacing the old, tired original. We need some new contributors (we call them Fellows) for it, too. Know of some dedicated thinker-writer-types?

We have the car back, looks great, but more importantly, it gets us to where we need to go without waiting or asking.

In that car, The Missus took sr. Benedito to the hospital yesterday morning early, for what we thought was going to be a small surgery to remove a bump on his face. (He had to have someone accompany him.) He was told to arrive without food in the previous 8 hours. Turns out he got a slip of paper to wait to be called for the operation. Who knows when? Vicki brought him to the office, and the three of us got coffee and toast at the padaria. (I had caught a ride with our neighbors to the office.)

I’ve got a poem in the wings, written 20 Sep., but not sure anybody will like this one. Oh, well, my mom reads my stuff …

I write for thee, O audience cruel and fickle;
To see thy smile, must needs find where to tickle.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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