To love and keep God’s rules still applies today

Some people dislike living by rules. Laws cause them to chafe. They prefer to act by impulse.

Others like rules, but of their own making. Still others latch on to the first authority who will tell them what to believe and what rules to follow.

The righteous person who belongs to God’s people organizes his life differently.

I keep your rules; I love them greatly.
Psalm 119.167 NET

This statement is — and should be — true also for Christians. See Acts 15.28, Galatians 6.16, and 2 Timothy 2.5.

Today, however, many who call themselves Christians despise the commandments of God.

They lack the spirit of Christ, who obeyed the Father in all things.

The rules, or commandments, of God bring great blessing to those who keep them, including eternal salvation.

Do you love and keep God’s rules?

J. Randal Matheny

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