The rubber-stamp God

The request was reasonable, so much so that Jeremiah agreed to it. The words were perfect. The sentiment was exactly as it should have been.

But not all was as it seemed.

“Pray that the Lord your God will tell us where we should go and what we should do.”
Jeremiah 42.3 NET

They had already made up their minds. They were already on their way to Egypt! (41.16-18). They were sure that in Egypt they would have peace and be far from the wrath of the Babylonians.

When Jeremiah told them the word of God, that they should stay in the land of Israel, they accused him of lying. They went to Egypt in spite of God’s revelation.

Just so today, many pretend to want to know the will of God. They fake interest in knowing the word of Christ. But they are already headed in the direction they want to go.

They’re looking for God to rubber-stamp their decisions. They search the Scriptures for scraps of evidence that God approves their stubbornness. They drum up impressions and ideas that God points them toward a direction in which they’re already rushing.

And when someone shows them the truth of the gospel, they get offended and justify their actions. They continue in their sin.

Is that true of you and me?

J. Randal Matheny

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