Risk and Responsibility


Up to the time of David, the city of Jerusalem was a fortress of the Jebusites, who were Gentiles in the land of Canaan.

The king captured the city and made it his capital.

David said, “Whoever attacks the Jebusites first will become commanding general!” So Joab son of Zeruiah attacked first and became commander. 1 Chronicles 11:6 NET

When he attacked the city, he made the above promise. The city was set on a hill and easily defended. Whoever attacked first ran great risk of death, exposing himself to the fury of the Jebusite army. He had to show great courage.

In order to extend the influence of the gospel, there is need also of great courage, for one risks reputation, possessions and life. With the victories one receives great responsibilities.

What will you risk today for Christ?

J. Randal Matheny

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