You have your opinion, I have mine. Usually, opinions, being what they are, don’t matter much. Some of us prefer Apple, others a PC. In the end, both get the job done. But at times an opinion matters and means the difference between life and death, between right and wrong.

Text: Matthew 22

Memorize: “While the Pharisees were assembled, Jesus asked them a question: ‘What do you think about the Christ? Whose son is he?’ They said, ‘The son of David.'” Matthew 22:41-42 NET

Usually, Jesus’ enemies asked him questions, attempting to test him and make him stumble. Sometimes he answered them, sometimes not. This time, however, our Lord challenges the Pharisees with a question, which deals with the central issue of his identity. No matter of personal opinion, the answer was

[n]ot meant merely to puzzle or silence foes, or even to hint a mysterious doctrine as to the Speaker’s person, but to make Pharisees and scribes, and Sanhedrists generally, revise their whole ideas of the Messiah and the Messianic kingdom, which had led them to reject Him (A.B. Bruce, “Synoptic Gospels,” Expositor’s Greek Testament, 7th ed., 277).

This is the all-important question, the identity of the Messiah. All others pale in comparison. What we think we know about the Christ may not be so. The solution is to go back to Scripture, as Jesus did.

Word Cue: Think (Gr., dokeo). In the same chapter, the Pharisees had set a trap for Jesus about paying taxes and asked him, “Tell us then, what do you think? (Matt. 22:17). Now he turns the tables and asks them what they think. J.B. Phillips translates it, “What is your opinion about the Christ?” (see also NEB). The term “think” here seeks to draw out their opinion and show its deficiencies compared to what Scripture taught.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your revelation that shows us the wonderful, divine person of the Messiah. May we follow him with all the awe and reverence deserving of his position as Lord. Amen.

Action Question: What is my opinion of Jesus Christ? Does it jive with the revealed truth about him?

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  1. I’m so glad that I have met you! Your writing always inspires and pushes me to “think”. I thank God for that and you.

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