Excuse the falling mortar and dripping paint. I’m redecorating, the only thing I have a right to tinker with, since the wife has taken over the house to swipe dark blues and bright greens around the walls.

Since I yanked the work stuff out to paste it over on GoSpeak.org, this place has needed some reworking. And now I’ve been experimenting with Posterous.com, so that if I don’t watch it, I’m not going to have much left here. Maybe one of those business-card themes with nothing but links to go elsewhere.

I like the minimalist approach. I’ve used simplr, Hemingway and other pared-down themes. So I’ve done that here as well, but with color. See if stuff works for you here. If it doesn’t, let me know.

2 thoughts on “Revamping the site theme

  1. Randal, I like the format, plus the way you’ve consolidated everything into a more user-friendly environment.

    Now, I can easily find everything I need to know about you, your family, and the work in Brazil.

    Good work, my friend!


  2. Thanks, Mike! I tend to prefer the simple. After the four-column monster, I decided to return to one column. Big difference, no? And I’ve put a single post on the front page to simplify even more.

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