Resurrecting the church bulletin

Especially now that we’re leaving our rented building, I’m trying to resurrect our church bulletin.

Why especially now? Since we’ll be like the nomads again, it seems good to have one as a small rallying point.

So far, it’s very simple: an A4 sheet (similar to 8.5″ x 11″ but our standard here), front and back, two columns per page. Last week was all text, with sermon and class outline, and a group study for during the week. This week in Bible class we’re doing an overview of the book of Daniel, so I included a little graphic of old Neb’s statue.

SJC congregation’s bulletin, for now

I’ve done one intermittently* over the years here in SJC, no one else interested in editing it. Have given it several names; the first was a take-off of the city name’s abbreviation, SJC, Seguindo Jesus Cristo, or, being translated is, “following Jesus Christ.”

But I wanted the bulletin to also have some meaning for the other churches here in our region, since we’re quite isolated, especially the farther one goes into the valley region. So then it became “Faísca”, or “Spark” (sounds better in Portuguese).

So now I’m asking the congregation to suggest and vote on names.

That’s what the new Brazilian airline did that begins operation in Jan. 09.

I did that years ago in Belo Horizonte, and it worked well. Of course, there were more people there, and they just suggested, we judged the names.

*intermittently: adv. hit and miss.

J. Randal Matheny

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