A Blessed Fourth to all Americans. The Missus and I may share a little something later in the day. Keep an eye peeled in between burgers.

Speaking of which, it’s veggie burgers, new recipe, and potato salad for the two of us today. I’m doing some work today, but from home, with a slower pace.

• Did I mention I cut loose from LinkedIn? Read where they were doing some funny business with privacy issues. Never did see much value in that site for me, anywho.

• FB is now inserting ads after comments, pushing purchases for the person whose status is being commented on. Twitter has been tightening up access to their service as they prepare to monetize more. You and I are the product being sold. Time to move on?

I’m here on my personal blog, on randal.us at posthaven (subscription but no ads), TiddlySpace, and friendica. Will probably make those more my haunts and let them continue posting automatically to the commercial sites like Twitter and FB. Already I’ve been on the latter less and less. [Update: The latter two are gone; the first, now a TiddlyWiki.]

• What do I want to do the rest of my life? A brother asked me last night what my title is. I eschew titles. But as a teacher of the Way, I do have gifts and responsibilities. One of those gifts I want to dedicate myself to more and more is writing. And, you’re not going to believe this, but in the area of writing, besides books and articles, a bit more attention to poetry.

Of course, I’ll have to provide an apologia because nobody, but nobody, is going to support a poet with church funds. Never mind that prophets were often poets, as were Moses and Paul, among others. And I don’t expect to be a full-time poet, of course. But to spend even a portion of my time, however small, writing rhymy slimy verse, now that demands an explanation, at least, in the eyes of most.

Thus far, I’ve written poetry on, shall we say, personal time.

• A good friend and coworker in a few areas such as Christian camp and home for children has been using Google translator to render my poems into Portuguese and post them on FB. It’s embarrassing to see the result, with my name attached. So Sunday, about 5:30 am, I wrote a three-stanza poem in Portuguese. I usually avoid doing that (writing poetry in Portuguese, not early in the morning), since it is a greater challenge to write. But I was pleased with the result, and a professional copy editor gave me the thumbs-up on it.

Gospel Advocate‘s August issue is a special issue, and I have an article in it, “Christ as Prophet, Priest, and King.” Editor Greg Tidwell is out making noise about the issue, sees possibility of the special edition being sold out. Not because of me, mind you. I only have four readers on my blog: my wife, my mom, and two friends.

Last year Greg reprinted an article of mine in GA, from Forthright Mag, I think it was. My first one for GA was back in 1980, “Endless Supply of Power.” Lots of time elapsed after that first one, however.

• Let’s end with a verse, from this week’s reading schedule, Nahum 1.7 (NET): “The LORD is good — indeed, he is a fortress in time of distress, and he protects those who seek refuge in him.” I need to take refuge in him. How about you?

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