• Starting up the Christian Hub website reminded me of an old post about Twirling Plates. Sigh. And I just got an invitation for another project tonight, that may be hard to refuse. Double sigh.

• Got our plane tickets today, all passports are valid, so we’re good to travel, I suppose. August 3. And seems like I just got back yesterday.

• Most slots are still open on the itinerary. Where’s the panic button?

• Vicki says it will be our first time to fly into Little Rock. I thought we’d done it once before. I’m almost certain that at some point I’ve been through there. But it’s a sure thing this time. As sure as things like this can be.

• Sometimes I’m really slow. Have read several online explanations on how to make an image background transparent using GIMP (an image manipulation program). I still haven’t figured it out. There’s no substitute for being shown how to do something, no matter how good the explanation. Somewhere there’s a moral in that, you reckon?

• Was awake this morning at 4, mind started turning, up at 5-ish, did some work, went back to bed going on 7, up before 9. Not my usual sort of schedule, but it all came out in the wash.

• A needed research project: if Portuguese and English do differently with the verb substitute/substituir. Seems I’m always getting it wrong, in both languages. Was such an error in today’s devotional. And I looked twice at that construction before hitting the publish button. I studied it through, in English, once and thought I had it straight. I did a quick search tonight and saw that it confuses many people, and there are two constructions, one considered incorrect (with “with:” substitute X with Y), the other proper (substitute X for Y). In the latter you wind up, when it’s all said and done, with X and throw out Y. Got it? Now to the Portuguese …

• A good study tonight, from Hebrews 1-2, here at home in our Bible reading group, good food and chat afterwards, now a spot of tea, and I’m reading to close the day. I trust yours has been half as good as mine. Blessings!

What do you think?