Here are some items of interest from our city and region.


SJCampos celebrated its 242nd birthday on Monday. The city goes back to a Jesuit settlement around 1590, but recent official proclamations making it a municipality or some such is the chosen date. I personally like the older one. (Photo above: Avenida Tivoli, a few blocks from my office.)

A lady was killed by lightning Tuesday in Taubate, city where we work with a congregation, just down the highway from us. We’ve had unusual rain for this time of year, normally our dry season.

Last night (Tuesday) around 6 p.m. a hail storm broke roof tiles, battered cars and sheered trees and plants in the Eugênio de Melo district of SJCampos. Several families from the church live there. Water entered in a couple of their houses and destroyed brother Liu’s huge garden at his place of work and from which he provides fruits and vegetables to a number of families. See pictures from our local station here.

Leila called last night from camp (unusual for her to do that), very wet there, but a good session so far. Her friend Amanda has asked for Bible studies to be baptized. Leila asked for advice on how to handle it. She was concerned her decision might be from the excitement of the camp. She was right to be concerned. We encouraged her to caution Amanda to go slow.

State and city schools will return to classes only on Aug. 17, two weeks late, in an effort to keep the swine flu from spreading.

Most of the SJCampos city buses have been installed with GPS, allowing better control over their movements. Three bus companies operate 319 buses in 86 lines.

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