A number of websites say May is National Recommitment Month. Nobody gives any information about it, and web searches turn up nothing. Looks like the promoters of NRM aren’t much committed to getting out the word about their project.

But I wonder: what do I need to recommit to? I’m going to sleep on that question tonight. Do you have something that needs recommiting?

Perhaps recommitment is worth considering in the area of preserving our freedoms, considering that today is V-E Day. The day World World II ended in Europe. Hence, Victory-in-Europe Day. It’s a forgotten moment in history. Ought not to be. Nor should President Truman’s gesture, which will likely not be seen again any time soon. (Am I borderline politicking?)

And, of course, today is Mother’s Day, about which we have written somewhat, but still deserves a last word. Thank you, Mom, for your love and blessing.




What do you think?