Recife travel journal, Saturday

Scheduled to begin this morning at 9, we got cranked up by 9:30 which was a decent hour. After each module today, from #4 to #12, we had a break, except once.

Of course, we broke for lunch and had a small supper, and kept going until 8:30 p.m. For 11 hours people stayed and listened and did the exercises after each module.

Some had to work in the morning and arrived after lunch. Many were present for the whole day. And they all stayed with it.

I don’t have a number count, but there may have been around 30 or more. Several attended from other congregations. At least three other congregations were represented. Also, some non-Christians were present for at least part of the seminar.

At the end, I asked people to write three questions. I forgot to bring the questionnaire I usually request participants to fill out. So this time they did it on a sheet of paper: (1) what module (point, lesson) they found most helpful, (2) what module they found least helpful; (3) general comments, suggestions or ideas.

Perhaps when I get home I can register some of the comments that were made. Tomorrow will be another long day, so I want to get to bed earlier tonight, and it’s almost 10:30 here.

Overall, I was pleased by people’s kind attention, since it’s hard to sit for so many hours at a time. But they persevered.

I stood the entire time and my legs are not as tired as usual. I’m pleased that the boat shoes did as well as they did for my feet. My foot infection also is not as bad as I thought it might be after standing up for so long.

More later, then …

J. Randal Matheny

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