Recife travel journal, first night of seminar

Luciano and I missed the movie he was going to treat me to, since none was showing early enough for us to make it back in time for the start of the seminar at 6 p.m.

So we drank a coffee-laced milkshake of sorts and enjoyed the chat together.

The seminar got started around 6:30 and we went until after 9 p.m., with one interval. We were schedule to stop by 9:20, but I was able to finish the introductory parts and the first three modules by 9:05 or 9:10.

Lene, Luciano’s wife, told me it was the largest number for a beginning session of any intensive study they’ve had. I think her count tonight was 37 people. Saturday is always better, when people are freer.

After chatting with people, we arrived back close to 10 p.m. Dona Zeze’s house is just a few blocks from the church building. After I took a shower, she fixed me a fresh-made apple juice, which was sufficient for me.

Heat here is a challenge, with high temps even at night. A fan is always on, even sleeping under one. Reminds me of when we were small, we had window fans that ran at night.

The kickoff session, then, seemed to go well. People responded visibly to the lessons, most people were doing the written exercises, from what I could tell. The first three modules of the Total Transformation course tonight were:

  1. Want to be changed.
  2. What’s it all for? (Fellowship with God)
  3. Know who you are.

Tomorrow we do the other ten. Haja fólego, say Brazilians. Let there be breath! (Literal translation; you figure out the meaning.)

J. Randal Matheny

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