Two recent pieces


That’s recent pieces, John, not Reece’s Pieces. Some people think only of chocolate. Not me. Nope, not at all.

This quatrain, posted yesterday on The Fellowship Room, has garnered a bit of attention, “Your Bible Version.”

This morning, I wrote and posted “Dwell on What Redeems” to Biblical Notes.

This week I missed getting something to the Cloudburst Poetry list (this link for subscription), as well as to UPLift, but Biblical Notes has gone much longer without a contribution of mine, so it got the poem.

About the “Dwell” poem, I’ve noticed on BNc that even saints go more for stories about deaths and accidents than ones about baptisms, new church starts, and other positive news. That bothers me.

Another personal observation: We appear to have hot buttons, like baptism, instrumental music, and Bible versions. That helped the first poem, methinks.

Go have a read of the two, then tell me below which you like better, and why.

J. Randal Matheny

What do you think?