This is a gratitude I am coming to learn:

My friend, if God has not called you to be very prominent you have reason to thank God that He has consented you should live a quiet, reverent, honest, generous Christian life, uncriticized, unpraised, and unabused. —Tho. Jones, in Joseph Exell’s Biblical Illustrator

What thoughts does this quote generate in you?

6 thoughts on “A reason to thank God

  1. He doesn’t seem to know anything about 2 Timothy 3:12. Our speaker this past week said, “If Satan is not bothering you, he probably already has you.”

  2. Perhaps this held true an hundred years ago, but it seems that if we are being the evangelistic Christians we are called to be today, we will be prominent, criticized and abused.

  3. There are people whom God calls “Andrew” and people God calls “Peter” and people God calls “Paul.” Live for the Lord as His “called out” people!

    • Good reminder, Kevin, that “as the Lord has assigned to each one, as God has called each person, so must he live” 1Co 7.17 NET.

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