Reaching languages and religions

Through the Internet we make the rounds.

While doing a bit of research today, I noted that I had some of my material in publications in Korean and Africaans. At least, best I could make out.

Then I ran across a bulletin from an Assembly of God somewhere with one of my Forthright Magazine articles and a link to sign up to the email list.

The FMag staffs articles are everywhere — church bulletins, websites, even a snarky book against the church.

I have a couplet that has circulated widely in quote sites and collections.

And our material in Portuguese has also made the rounds, there’s so little decent biblical material on the net. Material from our print mag Edificação (Edification) has also been cited in books and other materials.

The written word has long legs and nine lives.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

2 thoughts on “Reaching languages and religions

  1. Hi, Wendy, it was some sort of newsletter that I ran across. Would have a hard time finding it again. Was interesting that they left my material, and a few other items, in English.

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