In his official capacity as governor, Felix knew about Christianity, but this knowledge made no difference in his personal life.

Felix was rather well informed about the Way.
Acts 24.22a ISV

Felix had many moments with Paul, but not because he wanted to follow Christ. He wanted money.

We who supposedly are so interested in spiritual things ought to know very well the Way and its author.

But many have no clue about basic facts of the faith. The ignorance of the Bible among those who profess Christ is widespread.

A pagan with political and sordid motives knew more about the Way than many who call themselves Christians.

These, however, lack a reason big enough to motivate them to a deep knowledge of the things of God.

Motivation makes all the difference.

God who knows all things, thank you for revealing your plan in Christ. May we be knowledgeable about it because of our desire to be with you in eternity.

Hold this thought: The why makes the difference between information and knowledge.

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