Random directions, summer, floods, Christmas, etc.

Some painter’s idea of a painting, mine of random directions

When I started blogging back in 2002, almost 10 years ago, I called my first weblog “Random Variables.” The adjective was an obvious play on my name, and the title served as a tip-off that no single theme would dominate. I like the title to this day, although math is not my field.

I saw a mention of Thomas Sowell’s occasional “Random Thoughts” for his weekly column (excellent, by the way) and was reminded of mine. Not that the two have much in common, with Sowell’s incisive, powerful content. Me, just buzzing along.

Before I blogged at antville, I wrote a column on the Morrock news site, which no longer exists, called “Affirmatives.” Essays, actually. Before that, probably, articles on static sites. Best I recall.

• Summer arrived with a vengeance, muggy high temps and in some parts of the country, flooding. No news if any of the saints have been hit.

• It’s a bit amusing when people hear about happenings here, such as floods, etc., and ask if we’re OK. I deeply appreciate the concern, and wouldn’t have it any other way. But it’s like me asking someone in the US if they were involved in that train wreck we read about. Big country here, just like there.

• We had invited several people for our Christmas dinner today. Tomorrow will be difficult because of the two congregational meetings, so our Christmas celebration got moved up a day. Sr. Benedito, a widower in the SJC church, was coming, but the boy he had reared invited him for a meal, and since that’s a rare event he felt it important to go. Some of the folk from Taubate were possibly coming as well, but that didn’t pan out either. So it’ll be the three of us for our special meal. No less special for that.

• In spite of my Forthright article yesterday, I’m not a scrooge. So I’m happy to wish you and yours a blessed Christmas and, if the Lord grants us a foot into the new year, many new steps upon the path toward the ultimate goal. Trust in the Lord, submit to his will, and the doors of heaven will swing open when the time comes.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

4 thoughts on “Random directions, summer, floods, Christmas, etc.

  1. Merry Christmas to you, too, Ebenezer. 😉

    (didn’t think you were “scrooge-ing,” btw).

    1. Just call me Eb for short.

      Blessings on you and the beautiful family. Thanks for your friendship.

  2. Saw an updated movie on the Grinch who stole Christmas last night and your name was never mentioned. So do consider you still one of the truly great guys, regardless of the date on the calendar.

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