Somewhere between yesterday and today, I injured my left knee. Was it a bad sleeping position? A twist in a step on my way to the bus stop? Or, maybe this is it, bruises from using my knee to keep me in place on the bus when it took the corners at a fast clip?

After sitting for a bit, it gets stiff and sore. I’m fine standing up. So I’ve been up and down a lot today, switching as well from the couch, to chair, to table.

I decided not to go to the office but to work from home, saving my knee any kind of trauma.

So the loudest noises today were the plastic tops of the trash cans gobbling up refuse as people threw their garbage away. And that a faint echo up the street.

Having no one but the dogs to talk to all day gets old quickly. I like pets, but I have no earthly idea how people can consider an animal a member of the family. Maybe it’s people who like to hear the sound of their own voices and don’t care if anybody talks back, just the wagging of the tail is sufficient. Me, I like a two-sided conversation. You have to be pretty desperate to think a dog is family.

And I refuse to digress into considering any of my relations as dogs … You’re welcome to go there if you like, but I try to stay on the good side of family, however distant they be.

There was almost no food in the house. The wife was derelict in her duty to leave me ready-made meals. Actually, I’d indicated I’d probably go to the office today, so I’ll let her off lightly.

I’d bought some paozinhos, little loaves of bread, last night before catching the bus, ate one last night, the other this morning with a spot of tea. The rest of the day has been odds-an-ends stuff like peanut butter and crackers. I resisted ordering a pizza tonight (don’t need the lactose), ate granola and soy milk (good stuff, M.H., try it some time) for supper.

The rain returned again in late afternoon, but it was a slower descent, if still with thunder in the distance.

The phone has rung exactly once today, Leila’s music teacher, who’d forgotten that she was gone this weekend.

I’d thought that after having been gone for two months, separated from wife and daughter, that two and a half days would be a cinch.

Not so easy as I’d thought. But, Lord permitting, they’ll be back tomorrow night. Can I take something to knock me out until then?

2 thoughts on “Quiet day

  1. Hey, I know you like to travel the world and experience different things and I do like granola, but I did try Soy Milk once. Had the good Lord intended man to consume soy milk, He would have provided bean udders on the plant….

    Hope the knee heals quickly, I’m guessing it was trying to keep your balance on the bus.

    I disagree on the family status of a good pet. Cats more so than dogs can be counted as close family members. I’ve cried like a baby over the loss of a cat and probably will again. I’m quite certain some of the best conversations I’ve ever had have been between me and God and me and that cat..ha..

    love you man,

    God bless,

    Mike (MH)

  2. On the soy milk, we tried it years ago and it was awful. The stuff they have out now is pretty good. So you ought to try it again.

    Maybe my dogs are uncommunicative. Wally just stares. Mina always has that look of wanna rub my tummy?/ wanna give me a doggie snack?/ wanna be my friend?/ wanna go for a walk?

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