Questions about Brazil

A friend of mine asked me these questions. I zipped off a reply to him, but thought it would be interesting to see how some others answer them. So I dropped an email to them and wait to hear their comments.

For convenience, I’ve numbered his questions.

=== Begin questions

I am more or less working through some thoughts for a sermon in the future which leads me to seek you out for some answers I do not know.

1. Is there concern for physical persecution in Brazil among the Christians?

2. If that is the case, do the Christians bond closer together, or distances themselves from one another unless worshiping?

3. In the absence of persecution, do Christians there spend time together throughout their days or is it a situation of meet on sunday and not see each other for a week?

4. Characterize the type of preaching you do in Brazil. Is it a revolution of basic themes or focus on details?

5. If meals are shared by the Christians is the conversation about daily life or is there much discussion about the Bible in casual conversation?

6. Would you characterize Christians there as excited? As a comparison, in most settings here at congregations I would not characterize folks as excited.

7. Are the people warm? How is this demonstrated?

8. What sets the Christians apart from the rest of the populace there?

Thanks a bunch for anything you might be able to answer.

=== End questions

So ran the email. I eagerly await replies from friends and family. Lastly, I’ll add my responses …

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

2 thoughts on “Questions about Brazil

  1. 1. I am concerned and pray for Christians in Brazil and all over the world. I also pray that those who aren’tChristians in those plces will come to know the Lord.

    2. SOme of both. SOme of us are much closer because of our concerns for others, yet, as bad as it is to say, some only worry about their own well being.
    3. Some of us see each other daily; others only on sundays; still others only on the Sunday nearest Christmas and Easter.
    4. NA
    5. Some of Both
    6. SOme are very excited about missions and the things going on in other countries
    7. Yes, greating each other with a hug and being ready to help where they can.
    8. Trying ot live in the will of God. Doing it by the book.

  2. 1. & 2. No concern
    3. It depends a lot on the location of the congregation. If it is in a central location of a large city, people are so scattered out that they don’t have too much contact during the week. Members of a congregation in a residential area tend to have a lot of contact, especially where a church has small groups.
    4. Not either or, but I try to maintain a balance between the two.
    5. Probably more discussion about the life and work of the church that the Bible per se, but mostly about daily life of members.
    6. In most congregations there is a small minority who are excited, but most are not. But it depends a lot on the congregation.
    7. Brazilians by nature are very warm. A lot of touching, hugging and kissing. Love to socialize.
    Very caring of one another. Especially in the church.
    8. The fact that they don’t worship Mary and other Catholic saints. Their faith centers much more around Christ. They are much more involved in the church than the majority of people who are nominal Catholics. Also they generally don’t smoke or drink and have higher moral standards.

What do you think?