The push and pull of politics and then an interview of a Catholic architect, somehow, brought some ideas together and this work of four stanzas pushed back at me. Don’t ask what the above two items have in common or how an idea, word or phrase triggers something on an entirely different plane. Just … happens.


by J. Randal Matheny

Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”
–James 4:7

The world would push to crush the word of God,
To steal the divine presence within your soul;
Push back to allow his guiding staff and rod,
For him to fill your empty cup and bowl.

The world would crowd you with its heavy cares,
Surround you with the din of raucous noise;
Push back to open space for God’s affairs,
For words of strength and comfort, quiet joys.

The world would heap upon you every scorn,
Burn every word and work — if it could;
Push back to feel the forehead’s piercing thorn:
Where you now stand, the unwavering Savior stood.

The world would rob you of every chance to save
A soul from certain death, a heart from hell;
Push back that men might have what Jesus gave,
Learn how to share the News, and announce it well.

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