Twice in as many days God’s good servants have asked me and others about the integrity of their works, after receiving criticism or so-called suggestions that called into question what they were doing.

My first reply to them both was a single word, “Pshaw!”

Yes, we should consider whether a criticism has merit. Yes, we should recognize we can always do better. Yes, we can always spare a moment to reconsider our approach. Yes, yes, yes.


Don’t spend much time agonizing over your motives or methods, if God has called you to this work. Don’t let naysayers keep you second-guessing. Don’t lay down your tools to engage in distracting and protracted discussions with critics.

One of Satan’s best strategies is discouragement. And he loves to use critics to tear down, slow down, wear down. Whatever the critic’s motives, the effect can be devastating.

So forge ahead, pour on the steam, build with all haste.

To please the critics, do nothing. To please God, plop the next brick on the wall.

Say with Nehemiah, “I am engaged in an important work, and I am unable to come down. Why should the work come to a halt when I leave it to come down to you?” (Neh. 6:3 NET).

That was his version of “Pshaw!”

EXTRA: Read this devotional thought (PDF file) on Nehemiah and ignoring critics from And Kevin Cauley’s sermon outline for the new year, “A Mind to Work.”

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