Psalm 1. The psalm serves as an introduction to the book. It emphasis the joy, pleasure, success, and divine approval of the righteous, functioning as a recommendation to everyone of the way of the righteous. It presents two ways, that of the righteous and of the wicked, showing the end of each one and how each end is tied to the choice that one makes. The end is determined and carried out by God. We are either righteous or wicked, in God’s eyes. No other option exists. Choosing the good way means rejecting association with, and influence of, sinners, besides constantly concentrating on God’s law. The figure of the tree suggest both stability and security, as well as the permanent connection to the source of spiritual nutrition. In the end, the psalm calls to mind God’s action, which reveals the good way through the law, offers satisfaction to man through it, judges without encountering resistance, and guarantees the success of the righteous.

To be blessed/happy, we must choose the way of the righteous, remove ourselves from the influence of sinners, concentrate upon God’s word, connect to the source of blessing, and recognize that God invites us to the pleasure of his fellowship and grants to all the proper reward.

This is a partial translation of the new series on the first book of Psalms, begun today on the “Deus Conosco” devotional site.

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