The same happens in the church as well as in American politics.

Such disregard for truth and facts is no accident, but the fruit of postmodernism. So-called “after modern” thought was a trendy late-20th-century way to reduce facts to stories.

“Progressives believed that because traditional protocols, language and standards were usually created by stuffy old establishment types, the rules no longer necessarily should apply. Instead, particular narratives and euphemisms that promoted perceived social justice became truthful. Bothersome facts were discarded.

3 thoughts on “Progressives’ disregard for truth is fruit of postmodernism

  1. Except for the church, the news media is where I notice it most. As I a former radio newsman, I can’t help but notice that the facts often get ignored for a “good” story.

    • Seems to be widespread, doesn’t it, Wes? In the link above, Hanson gave numerous examples in government. The idea permeates society. And also religion.

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