Today we considered the price of the church and the presence of God

Very good day with the saints in Taubaté and Urbanova/SJCampos today.

In the first, this afternoon, we finished up a two-part study about the price of the church in the series on the church of the New Testament. Our points today were:

  1. Christ as the Lamb of God paid the price for the church with his life(blood).
  2. The way to get in first contact with that cleansing blood is in baptism.
  3. The way to stay in contact with that cleansing blood is by obedient perseverance or walking in the light of God.
  4. Being bought with the blood of Christ means we live far differently than the world and practice the holiness of God.

All that in a 30-minute class! I had to talk fast.

This series has a total of 26 lessons and will conclude in August.

This evening in Urbanova, in our home, our theme for our meeting was “The Presence of God.” All the songs and readings honed in on it, as well as the message. Some of the songs you’d recognize the tunes to.

I may use the message as my editorial tomorrow, but here are the main points:

  1. God makes himself present with us through his Son Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit.
  2. Christ is present with us in order to make things happen.
  3. God’s presence depends upon our obedience.

If you know much of Scripture, verses will come to mind for these points.

To consider this theme reinforced by song, Scriptures, and message was a great blessing to me, and I trust, to others present.

UPDATE: Here’s the editorial on the presence of God.

J. Randal Matheny

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