hand out a tractA mix of soft news and editorial today in my piece for BNc, “Christians react to Newtown, Connecticut, shooting.” Hard to think about it. But this is the face of the evil world.

• Just between you and me, today the number of my FB friends hit 3,000. My prayer, to bless each one.

• Yesterday was quite productive, both in planning, working, and writing in Portuguese, especially, as well as in English, including the 900th tweet for QBT. Actually, I also did no. 901.

• I proposed to the brethren here the idea of having 13 methods for evangelism in 2013. I have a list of 13, but haven’t thrown those out yet for consideration. Let’s see if they buy into it. Maybe we should ask the Lord for 13 conversions through 13 methods in 2013. (We just lived the date of 12-12-12, so this could be our version of 13-13-13.)

• Putting together a little kit for evangelism for our folk here, holding Bible courses, personal studies, tracts, agenda. Small size so people can take it everywhere with them.

• Another trip to the dentist this morning after I felt problems after the last trip. Good news: no problems, just the teeth getting themselves adjusted, apparently, after last re-filling.

• Remember those questionnaires the brethren would do, sometimes door to door, to gauge spiritual interest? Anybody got one of those stuck back somewhere? I’d be interested in seeing them.

What do you think?