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4 thoughts on “Meaning of predestination

  1. The way I understand biblical predestination (at least the summation version of it) is that the system of faith in Christ that saves us is no “accident“.

    This point of view can especially be seen in both the Roman and Ephesian letters when they deal with the idea of the gentiles being included with God’s people…which is something that hinged on the gospel of Christ and what it entails (Ephesians 2:11-17, Romans 9:30).

    1. Yup, it was all predetermined, before the foundation of the world, according to Ep 3—not the individuals but the plan of salvation. No accident.

  2. Just preached this chapter two Sundays ago. Noticed in my study that not only is the phrase “in Christ” (or equivalent) used about 11X, but also the fact that this scheme in Christ was determined beforehand, so that God’s purposes and power might be known, and that He might be praised and glorified, is highlighted 4 times as well. 🙂

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