Prayers for J.C. Enlow

We heard yesterday that J.C. Enlow had had a hunting accident.

The news came by Internet through a friend of Tansy’s, our future DIL. He is supposed to be in ICU.

I wrote shortly thereafter to the Enlow’s email address for confirmation and, not surprisingly, have yet to hear anything. So I didn’t want to put up the unconfirmed report on BNc. Since it’s unlikely to be inaccurate, we’ll be offering prayers on his behalf.

When we do have some confirmation, we’ll post it to BNc.

I set up their website for them.

UPDATE 27/Dec: The accident was confirmed, and I’ve been trying to post the story, but the BNc site seems to be down.

UPDATE 21/Jan: See this story.

J. Randal Matheny

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that brother J.C. was dismissed from the hospital on Thursday of last week.

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