The prayer I lead this morning in the SJCampos assembly.


Thank you that it has been given to us to share in the sufferings of Christ. May we use them for the redemption of many.

We confess, Lord, our disbelief. Forgive us our lack of faith. We believe in Jesus, in his redemptive death, in his resurrection, in his Lordship, in his return.

Complete in us your work, and through us fulfill your purpose.

We assume responsibility for our acts and deliver up to Jesus our future. We trust in the Lord to care for us.

May our difficulties not overwhelm us, but may we be victors in the cause of the Kingdom.

May you, Lord, and only you, satisfy us, with your goodness and presence. You are our only good.

Thank you, Father, for your family, for our family, here in this place. May our brothers and sisters in Christ be precious to us. May we devote our efforts to this family’s growth.

We are grateful, Lord, that we are strong in your grace. May we exercise our strength in behalf of the weak, rescuing them from the Evil One.

In the name of Christ do we draw near to your throne of grace to be heard. Amen.

What do you think?