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Dear Friends,

This is a one-time invitation to connect with our work in Brazil through a free subscription to our email list. Through it you can stay informed of what’s happening on the field, as it occurs.

You’ll read about these areas of activity:

  • Work with the churches, people and ministries in Brazil;
  • Efforts with the Brazilian orphanage and Christian youth camp;
  • News about the online ministries of Forthright Magazine and;
  • Important family milestones and other family news;
  • Special courses, seminars and studies;
  • Prayer requests for people and special efforts.

You can sign up by sending an email to this address ( Then it’s just a matter of replying to the confirmation request you’ll receive shortly afterwards.

In every email are instructions on how to unsubscribe, so you can opt out easily at any time.

You’ll receive one to two emails each week, so your inbox will not get flooded.

As a member of a major supporting church, you’ll be better informed and more effective in your prayers on behalf of the Brazil work.

The Lord bless you with peace and joy.

Randal Matheny



P.S. You can get an idea of the format and content of the Brazil list’s emails from the last one appended below.


From: “J. Randal Matheny”
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 13:34:21 -0300

BZM – Brazilian Zeal Missions


[You received this email as a subscriber of the Brazil
list at See unsub information at end.]

This email contains a highly condensed version of the
information available at the two links given below.
Check them out!

by J. Randal Matheny

STUDY NEWS AND OUTLINE. Last night we began our
evangelistic group study in the city of Taubate, in the
home of our brother Haroldo. Four non-Christian
visitors participated.

Haroldo moved to this house some months ago and
expressed interest in hosting a study. After getting
things in order, and getting our schedules coordinated,
we finally were able to begin.

An outline of last night’s study, with credits, is
available here:

Pray for the people who heard these truths, for the
success of this group, and that many will be saved from
these efforts.

BOOK INTERVIEW. Richard Mansel gave an interview to his
local newspaper about his book, The Most Important
Question, published by Forthright Press. The interview
has been posted online, with a photo of Richard holding
his book.

Coincidentally, I received my copy of the book in the
mail today, and reflect on the work that went into it
at this link:

BZM rejoices in the progress of the gospel in Brazil.
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J. Randal Matheny

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