Pray with us in February

At the beginning of each month, I try to get out an invitation on the main Portuguese site to united prayer.

Here’s the prayer for February. You might want to join in with the Brazilian church. My translation, of course.

We invite the brotherhood to dedicate itself during the month of February to the following petition:

Saturday, Feb. 14, our society celebrates Friendship Day. Friendship is greatly prized. The most important friendship is the one we have with Jesus. May we be his true friends by our obedience to his commandments.

May our missionary petition be:

May we invite all to become friends with Jesus, making him Lord of one’s life.

How to use these petitions:

(1) Include them always in your personal prayers and in the prayers you lead in small groups and in your congregation.

(2) Ask that these petitions be included when someone asks for suggested prayer requests.

(3) Post these petitions on the bulletin board of your congregation.

(4) Share these petitions in your church bulletin.

(5) Distribute a sheet with these petitions in prayer groups or Bible study groups.

(6) Post these petitions on your congregation’s website and mention them in email discussion groups.

(7) Send the link to these petitions by email to your friends.

Will you join us this next month in asking God to fulfill these petitions, and, if so, which suggestions could you do?

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

What do you think?