Pray for Sr. Benedito

Sr. Benedito has been a Christian here in SJCampos for 14-15 years. He’s 78, a widower, with no family to speak of. He lives in small rented quarters behind a house. Until recently, he worked as a manual laborer.

He has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is receiving radiation therapy through the government health system. Lately, he has started having tremors in his hand, foot, and chin, what looks to be the onset of Parkinson’s, though no diagnosis has yet been made.

Over the past three months he’s been attending our home Bible group on Wednesday nights, catching two buses to get here. Sometimes he arrives early enough to eat a bite with us. Often, Vicki sends food home with him. I usually take him home in the car.

Sr. Benedito was excellent to bring visitors to the meetings and activities. He has been a wonderfully faithful Christian and a great encouragement to all of us. In spite of many personal difficulties, he has persevered and endeared himself to the whole church.

Please pray for Sr. Benedito’s health and for this phase of his life.

J. Randal Matheny

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