Earlier today, I read a tweet announcing that new annotated Bible is out, something along the lines of “You Can Get Through It Bible.” Notes by a famous writer. The idea seems good at first glace, but it’s woefully inadequate. Seems moderns are wimps. Saints must do more than just get through their personal crises. They must use them for the kingdom.

So the article on Preacher’s Files, also published today, comes closer: “Praising God in Times of Adversity.” Based on Psa 57, Tom Moore writes, “Let we all strive to follow the biblical example of praising God in adversity, remembering how we benefit from such, and how others can benefit from the good example we set.”

And not only from the good example we set, but from what God can do and what he can produce from the depths of our suffering.

A much better perspective, one that follows Christ.

What do you think?