Portuguese electronic study for evangelism unveiled

Yesterday we unveiled a short evangelistic study translated from J.T. Bristow’s “Thirty Minutes with Someone who Loves You.”

Portuguese translation of JT Bristow’s study The study was translated and converted into the compact tiddlywiki format. New graphics were added from the electronic version done in 2005.

Only slight revisions were done, for clarity, in translation.

Essentially, the study follows the original version.

Like the English original, the Portuguese translation can be used on a computer or laptop.

The tiddlywiki format offers greater flexibility over other editions of the Bristow study. All Bible verses referred to can be accessed with a click. Or the teacher can use printed Bibles.

The study can also be used directly online. Downloaded, it can be used with our without graphics. The user can also adapt it as needed, such as changing the Bible version.

The Portuguese version in the tiddlywiki preceded the pending English version, which should be released next week.

This study uses mainly a reliable version printed by a Catholic publisher. By doing so, any barrier is removed for those of Catholic background. A few passages are cited using other versions.

The URL of the Portuguese study can be accessed by clicking on the image above or on this link.

This is a one-shot study, as some call it, offering the truth of the gospel in a single sitting.

More about the original English version and electronic editions in presentation format (ppt, odp) can be read here.

J. Randal Matheny

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